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Share your vision for Lyndon's future & help build the Town Plan
2020 Municipal PlanBroadband Report

The Plan and the Process

Lyndon’s current Town Plan will expire early next year and the Lyndon Planning Commission is launching the Envision Lyndon initiative as a way to work with the community throughout 2019 to update the Plan for 2020. Planning empowers communities to create a shared vision for the future that reflects the values, needs, and aspirations of the people who live, work, and play there. A great municipal plan can help communities attract new businesses, define and preserve community character, and designate areas for targeted growth and revitalization. With your help the process will culminate in early 2020 with the adoption of a new community-supported Municipal Plan.

The Team

The Lyndon Town Planning Commission is steering the Envision Lyndon initiative and ultimately the development of the new 2020 Municipal Plan. The Commission meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM at the Municipal Office Building. All are welcome to attend.

2019 Planning Commission Members:

  • Sean McFeeley, Chair
  • Sylvia Dodge, Vice-Chair
  • Evan Carlson
  • Susan Hanus
  • Emily Irwin
  • Tammy Martel
  • Ken Mason

Lyndon’s Planning & Zoning Office is managing the Envision Lyndon initiative. Contact Planning Director Annie McLean at (802) 626-1269 or

As the Regional Planning Commission, NVDA assists municipalities, organizations, committees and individuals with a wide variety of planning and technical services. NVDA Senior Planner Alison Low is providing assistance and technical support to the Envision Lyndon initiative.

Get involved! Attend one (or several) of the Community Planning Workshops throughout the summer and share your ideas for Lyndon’s future!


What does Lyndon’s future look like? We want to hear from you! Submit questions or comments about the Envision Lyndon initiative here, stop by the Municipal Offices, give us a call at
(802) 626-1269, or sign up for email updates



The Selectboard adopted the new Municipal Plan on October 12, 2020!

What’s The (Town) Plan?
Vermont Public Radio 
Broadcast live at noon on Mar. 3, 2020; rebroadcast at 7:00 p.m.

What is the purpose of a town plan? Is it a philosophical statement about what a town wants to be? Or a practical planning document? This hour, we talk to planners at the town, regional, and state levels. We also hear from you.


What’s Envision Lyndon?

Envision Lyndon is a community planning initiative designed to help Lyndon Residents and stakeholders articulate a vision for the Town’s future, identify what works and what could be better, and create a plan to make it happen. Led by the Lyndon Planning Commission, the process will culminate in early 2020 with the adoption of a new community-supported Municipal Plan.